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Are polar camel cups safe?

Are Polar Camels Safe?

Are Polar Camel Cups Safe?

We will answer some questions today about Polar Camel Cups, #1 being Are Polar Camel Cups Safe?

With a separate  double wall stainless steel inner wall, this tumbler is safe to drink with and will also keep your drink from being too hot or cold to handle.

It keeps ice for up to 24 hours and keeps hot for up to 6 hours! Your choice of 17 colors.

These tumblers are NOT microwave safe, and NOT dishwasher safe. Hand wash method is recommended for cleaning.

Why should I buy a Polar Camel Cup?

The Polar Camel Cup was designed with extreme adventure in mind. But you don’t need to go on a cold trek into the Himalayas for a cup that works just as well. Polar has also crafted the perfect cup for an urban adventure! Features: An acrylic outer wall and stainless steel inner wall keep your drink from being too hot or too cold 5 color choices. Choose from blue, green, yellow, orange, and red Great for keeping your drink hot or cold Can keep ice for 24 hours 12 oz (or 2 cups) is good for two to four servings Lightweight and stackable so you can take it anywhere For extended use, these tumblers are built to last: they are one of the strongest tumblers available. But why are you paying more than a normal cup?

Are they dishwasher safe?

To help with your cleanup, the tumbler has a wide opening for the mouth which makes hand washing easier.  Will I have to buy another tumbler if I need a new one? No. The Polar Bottle tumbler is very durable and holds a lot of liquid. You only need one to last you a lifetime if taken care of!

What happens if I microwave it?

What happens if I microwave it? Sparks and possible fire hazard is possible when microwaving metal in a microwave. DO NOT MICROWAVE YOUR POLAR CAMEL!

Can I use regular cups/stirrers in the Polar Camel Cups? We have heard this question from many of our fans. They want to drink hot beverages in their favorite straws, but can’t because of a temperature difference. Some straws handle liquid very well, while others do not. The Polar Camel Cups are made to safely hold both hot and cold beverages, and we found that using metal straws is often preferred with the tumblers.

How long do ice cubes last in a Polar Camel Cup?

Those ice cubes are supposed to be good for 24 hours. So it’s like they have a freezer on them.

Can I use a Polar Camel Cup when I’m away from home? We have actually heard of Polar Camel Cup being used in place of a restaurant ice bucket. The container can be kept cool and easily transferred to the car, and then placed right in the sink when a hot mug is needed!


Q: Can I use it at the beach or in the kitchen?
Answer: Absolutely! It has a flat bottom service with a good center of balance.

Q: How do I clean it?
Answer: Usually this is a quick wash. Just hand wash it with dish soap with a cloth or sponge.

Q: What color do the straws come in?
A: We recommend green, coral, black, purple, or maroon. 😉

Q: What is the most popular size polar camel cup?
Answer: The 20 oz size, and the 30 oz size have the highest demand!

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History of Polar Camel Company

Tumbler Thermos Pouring Coffee

A few years ago, a company called Polar Camel introduced a unique insulated drinking cup. Unlike other drinkware, this cup was made with the intent of keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. It was also unlike any other insulated drinking cups because it did not leak at all, even when it was full of ice, and it did not sweat under hot conditions.

Polar Camel is a company that specializes in insulated drinkware that is made of high-quality materials. Their products are typically more expensive than other competitors on the market. However, their products can last for decades while some of their competitors only last a few years before they start to chip or peel.

Why tumblers were important to Polar Camel Company

We have all gone to a coffee shop and ordered a cup of hot coffee. But, when we get it the coffee is not as hot as we thought it would be. A study by Oxford University found that when you put any liquid in a tumbler, the hot liquid will stay hotter for twice as long. This is because the metal still retains heat after the liquid is poured into it.

They work by having an inner and outer wall both made of stainless steel. In between these walls they suck out all the air creating a vacuum. Heat struggles to pass through a vacuum and so the heat for your coffee will stay inside your coffee.