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8 Places to Take Your Polar Camel

Posted on August 22, 2022 | BY Polar Camel USA

8 Places to Take Your Polar Camel, the Best Travel Mug of 2022

So you’ve found your summer love: your Polar Camel insulated tumbler. With some of the best travel mug benefits on the market, plus a super-affordable price point, who can blame you?

But did you know all the places that your tumbler can take you? If not, you need to read this article. Scroll through to find out everywhere your best travel mug can (and should) go!

1. Your Backpacking Trip

Packing light is the new cool. Especially when you’re going super minimalist with carry-on luggage only, you need pieces that are sleek, lightweight, and ready to do double (or triple) duty.

That’s when you should reach for your skinny travel tumbler.

An insulated tumbler does it all. Pull it out when you need to:

  • Fill up on cold water before a long hike
  • Keep your coffee or soup hot for hours
  • Store food so you don’t have to pack an additional storage container
  • Brew a homey cup of tea to soothe an upset stomach

A bonus travel mug perk? It’s the perfect place to store a few valuables or fragile items during rough travel.

You’ll find a whole slew of travel mugs and tumblers out there, but trust us: when it comes to light packing, size matters. A slender travel tumbler is your go-everywhere backpacking companion.

2. Your Next Flight

Who else is excited to get back to flying? If you can’t wait to hit “book now” on your next flight, you’re probably also wondering about 2022’s best travel mugs.

That’s because a great insulated tumbler belongs in your carry-on.

(And yes, despite rumors to the contrary, you can pack a tumbler in your carry-on bag. TSA regulations allow you to bring a coffee thermos on your flight. Just make sure you empty it before you join the line for security.)

Once you’re through security, though, your insulated tumbler will be your best friend.

You can fill it up with a comforting hot drink, either from an airport coffee shop or the in-flight drinks cart. It will keep your beverage hot for up to eight hours. That’s perfect for keeping you warm and toasty during a long, chilly flight.

At the other end of your flight, you can fill it with cold water for a refreshing drink before the next stage of your journey.

Save a little space in your carry-on by packing a smaller drinks tumbler. We recommend the mini 10-oz Polar Camel tumbler. It’s the right size to give you a little extra in-flight comfort without eating up too much precious carry-on space.

3. Your Daily Coffee Run

It’s no secret that the US loves its coffee. Every year, we drink over 146 billion cups of coffee.

However, we throw away between 25 and 50 billion — yes, billion with a B — disposable coffee cups every year, too.

Disposable cups, lids, and sleeves are usually made of hard-to-recycle materials. That means your cappuccino cup can’t be recycled into something new. It will likely get tossed right into a landfill.

There’s no need to add to landfill waste. Just bring your Polar Camel tumbler along on every coffee shop trip.

There are a ton of other perks to choosing a reusable tumbler for your everyday coffee, too.

Unlike spill-prone paper cups, your Polar Camel won’t leak. (Bye bye, coffee stains!)

Plus, they’re super-insulated, so you’ll never burn your hand on a hot coffee cup again.

Even if iced coffee is your drink of choice, reach for your Polar Camel: it keeps iced drinks cold for up to 24 hours.

Even better news? Many coffee shops offer a discount when you bring your own reusable drink container. This includes large coffee chains.

Your insulated tumbler gives you all the travel mug perks you could want, plus the opportunity to save money on the daily.

4. The Big Work Meeting

Whether you need your morning cup of joe to get you going or a soothing cup of tea to stay calm, let’s agree: everything at work goes better when you have a hot beverage in hand.

The problem: a disposable coffee cup isn’t a good look at work. It says “I grabbed this two minutes ago because Monday is hitting hard.”

A high-quality tumbler screams professionalism. It helps you look just a little bit more put together (and keeps you a whole lot more caffeinated).

The sleek pilsner style is perfect for staying classy while your drink stays hot. You don’t have to be ashamed to bring it to your next big meeting.

It’s big enough to hold enough of your drink of choice for the whole work day. And, of course, the insulated tumbler technology keeps your drink hot until clock-out time.

Plus, Polar Camel tumblers are easy to customize. You can add your company’s name or logo to your cup. No one can argue with repping your company while you sip your drink.

5. Your Summer Road Trip

When it’s finally time to hit the road again this summer, you’ll need two things: lots of coffee and lots of lemonade.

Polar Camel insulated tumblers have double the temperature retention times of other insulated mugs. This means they’ll keep your lemonade icy for hours of drive time. No wonder it’s a summer road trip essential.

The Polar Camel 20 oz tumbler is a perfect choice to take on the road. Its larger size holds all of the iced coffee you need to hold you over until your next gas station stop. At the same time, the slender handle will fit into any cup holder.

6. A Winter Adventure

Did you think that your Polar Camel love would fade with summer? Think again!

No matter what your favorite winter adventure is, make room in your bag for an insulated thermos. The spillproof design keeps your drink secure even during active outdoor adventures. It’s perfect for:

  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Skating
  • Hiking
  • Winter campfires
  • Caroling
  • Cold-weather walks

Maybe you need a sip of tea at the top of the ski trail. Maybe you just want to bring your hot cocoa along as you admire Christmas lights.

One thing’s for sure: no winter adventure is complete without a toasty beverage. Enjoy spill-proof sipping when you bring your Polar Camel along.

7. The Campsite

You need that all-important cup of coffee to start your camping morning.

If you’re a camper, you’ve probably used an ordinary enamel mug for your cowboy coffee. The problem with camp mugs is that they’re single-walled. This makes them nice and light so they don’t add weight to your pack.

However, the thin single wall lets heat leak out. This leaves you with a stone-cold mug of coffee.

Polar Camel tumblers are different. Designed with a double wall, they’re vacuum sealed for maximum temperature retention.

That’s not the only reason to bring your insulated tumbler to the campsite. Even if it weighs a few grams more than your basic camp mug, it’s so versatile that it earns its weight. Use it for:

  • Soup for dinner
  • Your morning oatmeal
  • An extra water vessel
  • Packing leftovers

Polar Camel tumblers are also super-durable. Made with stainless steel, they can stand up to all the hard knocks of an outdoor adventure. You’ll be able to take them to the campsite again and again.

Best of all, your Polar Camel is easy to wash at the campsite. Just swish a little boiling water in the tumbler and it’s ready to reuse!

8. Back to School

Whether you’re a teacher or a sophomore, you’re sure to have an early start and a busy day. You might be up late cramming or awake early to review your notes. That means one thing: you need a trusty caffeinated beverage.

Don’t let your steaming cup of coffee get cold on your desk while you frantically take notes. Your Polar Camel keeps your caffeine shot hot all day. The spill-proof lid keeps your coffee from ending up all over your outfit while you sprint from class to class.

Plus, a sleek insulated tumbler looks way better than a battered paper cup. It’s the perfect accessory to add to your back-to-school wish list.

The Best Travel Mug You’ve Never Tried

It turns out that the best travel mug isn’t a travel mug at all. It’s an insulated tumbler from Polar Camel.

Whether you’re a coffee fiend or an iced tea fanatic, your insulated Polar Camel tumbler keeps your drink tasting its best. It can go with you from the campsite to the boardroom and everywhere in between.

Ready to make a Polar Camel your go-everywhere travel companion? Shop our selection of drinkware today to find everything you need for your next adventure!

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