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Polar Camel Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Polar Camel Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Posted on December 30, 2021 | BY Polar Camel USA

We can probably all agree that Christmas, as festive and fun colored as it is, with brightly wrapped gifts and tinsel, can frankly be a time of frustration and worry.
There’s family to prepare for, food to cook, and, of course, the drama that never ceases around family holidays. Add that to the ever-looming pressure to buy presents for everyone- it’s enough to make your head split from the combined frustration and anxiety!
What if I told you that everyone’s presents can be bought in one place? You don’t have to zigzag from department store to department store in the mall, you don’t have to go to the grocery store to pick up ingredients and materials to make “Chocolate chip cookies in a jar” and quit halfway through because it’s boring, and you don’t have to feel impersonal by buying everyone $15 gift cards.
it can all ship right to your door, ready for you to wrap.

That’s right- here at Polar Camel, we have a little something to present to everyone in your life. (Except for the infants- sorry!) From water bottles to mugs, we have personalized insulated drinkware for the whole family! Need help deciding what’s going to be for who? That’s what our gift guide is for!

Holiday Gift Guide (2021 edition)

1. 20 Ounce Tumbler

Our 20-ounce tumbler is perfect for everyone who wants to keep their beverages whatever temperatures they’re meant to be. Your mother, your father, your grandparents, beloved aunt, or even a best friend- they’re all candidates for a 20-ounce tumbler!
This tumbler can be personalized in many ways. For your grandparents, you can get their name engraved on one side, and then all of their grandchildren’s names. You could do the same for your parents as well. You can also go for the more traditional monogram style, no matter who you give it to.

2. Water Bottle Thermos

Everybody needs to stay hydrated! What would be a better way to encourage drinking the proper amount of water than with an insulated water bottle, literally with their name on it?
This would be perfect for those in high school or college who want to stay hydrated without buying plastic water bottles. You can add their school logo and their name on it, so they can show their school pride while also labeling who it belongs to!
It comes in many colors and in two sizes (32 oz and 40 oz) so the possibilities are endless!

3. 30 Ounce Tumbler

This would be perfect for those who love to hunt, fish, or do anything extensively outside. It can keep your beverage hot for those freezing days in the hunting stand, or keep it cold for the sweltering days spent on the water. The rings on the neck also help add grip, accommodating even the elderly.
Whether it’s for your health-conscious grandmother who’s always trying to stay hydrated, or for your dad who likes drinking a little something while he grills, this 30-ounce tumbler has range!

4. 20 Ounce Cup with Handle

I can’t really think of one person this cup wouldn’t benefit. The college student at their desk, the grandmother with a bad grip, or the sporty parents who travel a lot and like an insulated cup that can fit in the car’s cup holder- from young to old(er), this cup can accommodate just about everyone in your life! It comes in many cheery colors, and has a handle- so, get a grip!

5. 15 Ounce Mug

Our 15 oz mug is an excellent present for hot drink lovers. This will keep their hot chocolate piping for hours! It’s also great for teas, coffees, and ciders. It would be wonderful for a comfy night in!
This engravable mug would be a lovely addition to anybody’s collection. Both practical and fashionable, it is as versatile as they come.

6. 12 Ounce Stemless Tumbler

Last, but definitely not least, our 12-ounce stemless tumbler is perfect for your choice of beverage! It would be perfect for the fashionable friend or relative, with its sleek and slender shape. It wouldn’t be the best for traveling, as it may not fit very comfortably in cup holders, but it would be excellent for use around the house.
You can engrave anything on the tumbler- from an inside joke to a nickname or monograms, you can express your appreciation to the recipient any way you’d like!

In Conclusion…

We hope we assisted you properly in deciding what you want to give the important people in your life. We’ve got your back, and we want to help you the best that we possibly can. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and performing our very best for you. Rest easy knowing that your holiday gifts are taken care of, A-Okay, and in good hands!

Merry Christmas, from our company to you!

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