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History of Polar Camel Company

Tumbler Thermos Pouring Coffee

A few years ago, a company called Polar Camel introduced a unique insulated drinking cup. Unlike other drinkware, this cup was made with the intent of keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. It was also unlike any other insulated drinking cups because it did not leak at all, even when it was full of ice, and it did not sweat under hot conditions.

Polar Camel is a company that specializes in insulated drinkware that is made of high-quality materials. Their products are typically more expensive than other competitors on the market. However, their products can last for decades while some of their competitors only last a few years before they start to chip or peel.

Why tumblers were important to Polar Camel Company

We have all gone to a coffee shop and ordered a cup of hot coffee. But, when we get it the coffee is not as hot as we thought it would be. A study by Oxford University found that when you put any liquid in a tumbler, the hot liquid will stay hotter for twice as long. This is because the metal still retains heat after the liquid is poured into it.

They work by having an inner and outer wall both made of stainless steel. In between these walls they suck out all the air creating a vacuum. Heat struggles to pass through a vacuum and so the heat for your coffee will stay inside your coffee.